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Macera Adası - Entertainment meets Adventure 

Since its establishment in 2010, KONSEPT ISTANBUL has been providing services with "Macera Adasi" and "Lazer Arena" brands and establishing new playgrounds from the beginning as consultancy services. It created specific and tailor made concepts for hotels, municipalities and shopping malls and centers and settled a lot of projects.

Beside the Products distributed as Turkey's representative, we fictionalized different themed playing field concepts based on physical activity for all age groups concordant to the projects.

Konsept Istanbul, examines the concepts all over the world helping development of children, young people and adults while having fun, Konsept Istanbul creates innovative, interactive and adrenaline discharging play systems and projects.

We can help you in terms of investment and cooperation:

  • Project consultancy and follow-up

  • Joint venture and investment

  • Entertainment center management and operations management

  • "Macera Adasi" name rights and franchise

  • Laser Arena, project, sales and after sales support


For more information or to contact us, please send an e-mail to

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