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About Us


It is a company that establishes and operates innovative play centers that combine movement and entertainment for all age groups who love to have fun. KONSEPT ISTANBUL, the first and pioneering company in the sector, specialised in creating new concepts in the entertainment sector in Turkey, was established in 2010 as a subsidiary of SANAT YAPI İNŞAAT A.Ş. 


It welcomes thousands of people in its three active branches under the brands of 'Adventure Island' and 'Lazer Arena'; it also designs and consults Entertainment Centre projects for different investors.

Macera Island, which aims to provide unforgettable experiences to its guests by creating game entertainment centers consisting of playgrounds with different concepts that appeal to all ages, was established in May 2010 as a brand of Konsept Istanbul Ltd. Şti. which is a company specialised in game-entertainment sectors.

Adventure Island, opened in May 2010 by Konsept Istanbul Ltd. Şti., is an activity centre that can offer different experiences and entertainment together with different playgrounds that appeal to all ages. With its new stores opened in 2010, 2011 and 2017, it offers unforgettable moments to participants in different cities in playgrounds with a total closed area of 10.000 m2.

Adventure Island, with its playgrounds, will help the physical development and socialisation of children in the age of technology, add colour to the daily lives of young people and adults, bring together activities with plenty of adrenaline and offer unusual playgrounds and activities to the service of its guests and has hosted thousands of guests since the day it opened.
Although Adventure Island has brought together many different activities, it aims to include educational elements with its activities throughout the academic year and to be an indispensable place for everyone who loves to have fun.

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